Core Features

Being OnixJS an extremely flexible, elegant and yet powerful NodeJS Platform, it will allow you to decide which ORM / Front-End Framework to use:

  • Experience

    OnixJS is designed to empower you to decide what is best for your project, SOA, MSA or MVC? it's up to you.

  • Communication

    Exclusive RPC & Real-Time SDK. Supports any Client Framework. Even Electron, NativeScript and React Native!.

  • Performance

    OnixJS implements µWS aside a minimal footprint being incredibly fast.

  • Secure

    The OnixJS OICD Identity Provider (SSO) Service implements industry standards OpenID and oAuth.

  • REST Gateway

    Automatically map REST Endpoints, connect clients from any other language or platform by using the OnixJS REST Gateway.

  • Flexible and Agnostic

    Angular or React? Mongoose or Sequelize? Choose one or choose many, it's up to you.

Extra Features

Either you require to learn, build or explore; we provide you with documentation and tools to achieve those goals.


Learn how to install, create your first OnixJS Project and communicate with a front-end application.


OnixJS provides a set of artifacts to allow you build entire projects with ease, from Dependency Injection to Streams.

Swagger Integration

When using the OnixJS REST Gateway, use Swagger to explore your APIs.

OnixJS SDK Adapters

Either using OnixJS SDK Built-In or Custom Adapters, you will be able to literally work in any Environment (Browser, Desktop, Native, IoT, Etc)


Easily build PWAs or Native Apps with Ionic, NativeScript or React Native.


Create Desktop Apps and communicate in real-time with Mobile or Web Apps.


Use the SDK to build real-time multiplayer games using Engines supporting JavaScript.

Explore Simple yet cool examples

We have worked on building a complete set of Examples which are using multiple front-end frameworks for Browser, Mobile and even for Games!!!



Native Mobile Applications

We have created native mobile example applications to show you how to integrate OnixJS with NativeScript or React Native.


Any Client Examples

We have created multiple examples using different Front-End Frameworks like Vue, React, Angular and Stencil.

Test Coverage



GitHub Stars

Pricing plans

OnixJS offers Free Community level features for you to build amazing projects. But we also provide Enterprise grade features for bigger Challenges.



  • OnixJS Core
  • API Artifacts
  • Universal JS/TS SDK
  • OIDC IdP (100 free users)
  • Documentation
  • Community Support
  • Get it Now
  • *Lifetime MIT license.


  • OnixJS Core
  • API Artifacts
  • Universal JS/TS SDK
  • OIDC IdP (1000 users)
  • Documentation
  • Technical Support
  • REST Gateway
  • 5 Official T-Shirts
  • *No charges until RC is published.
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  • OnixJS Core
  • API Artifacts
  • Universal JS/TS SDK
  • OIDC IdP (unlimited)
  • Documentation
  • Technical Support
  • REST Gateway
  • 25 Official T-Shirts
  • SDK on Multiple Languages
  • OnixJS Manager & Proxy
  • Early Access to New Features
  • *No charges until RC is published.

Download OnixJS Now

Download the OnixJS Framework now and start building amazing full-stack solutions like you have never imagined.


We know there are some potential common questions that will be clarified below.

Will I ever be charged for the community version?

OnixJS is a pro open-source venture, the community level features are public and licensed under the MIT license. These will never be charged or closed due privative enterprise interests, this is including any open-source community contribution.

Can I contribute to privative enterprise modules?

You can't work on privative core enterprise modules, but we designed OnixJS for you to easily share or sell your own modules, so we expect to eventually provide a Market Place for you to sell modules.

Are there free start-up or student licenses for enterprise level features?

We strongly believe that community level features are fair enough for students or start-ups to build an entire project, enterprise related features are commonly required on bigger and more challenging projects that does require support and more advanced functionalities.

What are the benefits of buying an enterprise license now?

For limited time you get a license with no limitations in terms of number of developers nor projects, though you will require an API Key and Secret to activate your enterprise grade modules. Technical support is a 1~2 days guaranteed response from an expert, feature request is also included.

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